Mobile Dental Van Project

Under an arrangement with United Healthcare, we expanded our operations to include a new, state-of-the-art mobile dental van that is manned by a team of dentists, registered dental hygienists and dental assistants. This gives us the ability to provide more comprehensive dental care to more schools and communities in the area, including Elementary, Middle and High Schools. This mobile dental van initiative means that students can be provided with extractions and fillings right on their school campuses, rather than being taken to dental clinics for appointments. This will ultimately lead to fewer missed school days for dental appointments and parents will no longer need to take valuable time off work to take their children to the dentist!


Take a look at our Mobile Dental Clinic and how it all came together.

Drivers side of mobile dental van

Dental chair in mobile van

Side view of Mobile Dental clinic van

Mobile clinic attached to wheel base

Side view of mobile clinic in production

Front view of trailer for mobile van

back side view of mobile van in production

Front cab of mobile van in production

Wheel base of mobile van in production

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